WordPress Development & Technical SEO for SpiritsUp



SpiritsUp https://spiritsup.at/



food & beverages



SpiritsUp needed a robust online platform that not only visually engages but also performs well in search engine rankings to establish a strong digital presence.


Services Provided

Web Development, Technical SEO

Project Description:
Our task was to build a functional WordPress website for SpiritsUp, in collaboration with Pikobara, who handled the web design. Our focus was on:

  • Functional Web Development: We developed a WordPress site that supports SpiritsUp’s operational needs and enhances user engagement through intuitive navigation and responsiveness.
  • SEO Foundations: Alongside the aesthetic elements provided by Pikobara, we implemented foundational SEO strategies to optimize the site for search engines, ensuring visibility and accessibility.
  • Collaborative Effort: Working closely with Pikobara, we ensured a seamless integration of design and functionality, maintaining a consistent brand image while optimizing performance.


The collaboration resulted in a stylish and efficient website for SpiritsUp, equipped with the necessary SEO groundwork to boost their online visibility. This project has laid a solid foundation for their digital presence, enabling them to connect effectively with their target audience.

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