+856% in Sales after 5 month of SEO



SnusKitchen https://snuskitchen.com/






SnusKitchen initially struggled with zero organic conversions, hindering their online sales and market presence in the competitive tobacco industry.


Services Provided

Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Web Development, Conversion Optimization, E-Commerce

Project Description:
Our comprehensive approach to revamping SnusKitchen’s online presence included a multi-faceted strategy encompassing:

  • Advanced SEO Techniques: Employing a full spectrum of SEO services such as on-page optimization, international SEO, technical SEO, and targeted content creation to boost search engine rankings and visibility.
  • Link Earning & Development: Strategically acquiring high-quality backlinks to enhance domain authority and improve organic search results.
  • Web Design and Development: Redesigning and developing the website to ensure a seamless, intuitive user experience while optimizing for conversions. This involved integrating WooCommerce for a streamlined e-commerce experience.
  • Conversion Optimization: Implementing conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to convert more visitors into paying customers by enhancing user interface and user experience on key landing pages.
  • Content Development: Crafting relevant, SEO-driven content tailored to attract and engage SnusKitchen’s target audience, further supporting SEO efforts and enriching the user experience.


The strategic overhaul led to a remarkable transformation in SnusKitchen’s online performance. From no initial organic conversions, the site now boasts over 70 monthly conversions, driving a stunning 856% increase in sales within just five months. This success not only underscores the effectiveness of our integrated SEO and e-commerce strategies but also positions SnusKitchen for continued growth in its market.

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