1,360% Revenue Boost with Brand’s Email Newsletter



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Nicotine Pouches



SnusKitchen was grappling with underperforming sales from their email campaigns, highlighting a need to more effectively engage their customer base.


Services Provided

Email template redesign, email automation, content creation, copywriting.

Project Description:

Our team embarked on a mission to revamp SnusKitchen’s email marketing, focusing on harnessing the potential of their existing customer relationships. Recognizing the habitual buying patterns of nicotine pouch users, we designed targeted email campaigns that not only provided product information but also engaged customers with compelling content and exclusive offers. Through a meticulously crafted blend of automation and creative content, we revamped the email templates to enhance visual appeal and message clarity. This resulted in an email campaign characterized by a 46% open rate and a 2.6% click-through rate, significantly driving up monthly sales and establishing a reliable revenue stream from email marketing efforts.


Our strategic overhaul of the email marketing process led to a dramatic shift in SnusKitchen’s sales trajectory, achieving a 1,360% growth in revenue. This monumental success was not just a win in numbers but also a testament to the power of personalized and consistent customer engagement in converting one-time buyers into loyal, recurring customers.

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