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Landewyck Group



Tobacco and Distribution



The Landewyck Group aimed to enhance their online presence with a modern, multilingual website that effectively showcases their heritage and products to a global audience.


Services Provided

WordPress Development, Web Design, Illustration, Multilingual Content, HubSpot Integration and Development.

Project Description

Our team was tasked with developing a new WordPress site for the Landewyck Group, which was designed to capture the essence of their brand while engaging a global audience. Key elements of the project included:

  • Distinctive Illustration Design: A unique illustration style was incorporated to establish and reinforce a strong brand identity across digital platforms.
  • Multilingual Capability: The site was meticulously crafted in six languages—English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. Each version featured SEO-optimized content, carefully adapted to reflect cultural nuances and enhance local relevance.
  • HubSpot Integration: HubSpot’s robust tools were integrated into the website to improve functionalities related to lead generation, content management, and customer engagement. This integration allows for streamlined data collection and analysis, optimizing marketing strategies and operational efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Services: Alongside the primary services of Website Development and Illustration Design, our approach included extensive Content Creation and Strategic Backlinking to bolster the site’s SEO and visibility.

This comprehensive strategy not only improved the Landewyck Group’s web presence but also ensured their brand resonated well across different cultural contexts, significantly enhancing user engagement globally.


The new website significantly elevated the Landewyck Group’s online identity, making it more engaging and accessible on a global scale. The unique design and tailored content strategy, coupled with efficient HubSpot integration, enhanced operational efficiency and customer interaction. This project not only improved the Group’s digital presence but also marked a major milestone in their digital transformation journey.

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