From 0.87% to 6.2%: CRO Skyrockets Conversion for EU E-commerce Brand






Nicotine/ Tobacco (E-commerce).



SnusKitchen faced a critical challenge with a low conversion rate and insufficient sales, struggling at a mere 0.87% conversion rate.


Services Provided

Conversion Design, WordPress Development, CRO

Project Description

We embarked on a comprehensive mission to overhaul SnusKitchen’s e-commerce performance, successfully elevating the conversion rate from 0.87% to 6.2%. Our comprehensive strategy included:

  • Relocating the “Buy” button to above the fold for better visibility and easier access.
  • Optimizing product images and descriptions to be more user-friendly and informative.
  • Introducing a promotion bar to highlight special offers like free shipping.
  • Integrating social proof elements to enhance credibility and trust.
  • Conducting A/B testing on Calls-to-Action (CTAs) to optimize user engagement.
  • Implementing page speed optimizations to improve the overall user experience and support SEO efforts.

These targeted actions were designed to reduce buying friction, enhance the user experience, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates.


Our strategic overhaul not only catapulted SnusKitchen’s conversion rate from a mere 0.87% to a staggering 6.2% but also skyrocketed their sales, achieving an astonishing +1570% increase.

From 0.87% to 6.2%: CRO Skyrockets Conversion for EU E-commerce Brand
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