B2B Online Shop in Germany for Tobacco Products



Landewyck GmbH https://shop.landewyck.com/



Tobacco, E-commerce



Landewyck GmbH required a specialized B2B online shop that adheres to strict security and regulatory standards to streamline tobacco product sales to verified business clients.


Services Provided

WooCommerce Shop Development, Web Design, Illustrations

Project Description

For Landewyck GmbH, a distinguished name in the tobacco industry, our mission was to create a secure B2B online platform tailored to the specific needs of tobacco sales. The project included several key features:

  • Verification Access: Implementing a robust verification process to ensure that access is granted exclusively to verified business entities, maintaining compliance and security at all times.
  • Custom Illustrations: Enhancing the user interface with custom illustrations that reflect Landewyck GmbH’s brand identity, contributing to a visually appealing and intuitive shopping experience.
  • Special Payment Solutions: Developing specialized payment solutions to accommodate the unique challenges of B2B transactions in the tobacco industry, ensuring flexible, secure, and compliant financial operations.


The launch of the B2B online shop has fundamentally transformed how Landewyck GmbH conducts sales, providing their business clients with a streamlined, secure purchasing environment. This platform has not only facilitated more efficient and secure transactions but also reinforced Landewyck GmbH’s position as an industry leader by setting new standards for online B2B sales in the tobacco sector.

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